Dynamic IP bans

Sorry if this question has been asked many times.

If I’m not wrong, hackers are banned by IP address.
However, most of them have dynamic IP, which, according to my understanding, is a system in which IP addresses are recycled, thus enabling multiple players (at the same time or at different times) to have the same IP address. Also, it makes it easy for hackers to evade bans. (correct me if I’m wrong, please)

How do you get past that? How do you make sure that you don’t ban the wrong player?

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Two players can’t have same IP at same time without using the same internet connection, aka so close that you could smell their shit.
And for someone’s IP to switch to that of a banned player, both have to change their ip at least once, and stuff like this happends once in a blue moon, usually when the banned player is long gone.
To fight against ban evaders, we use all the information that is available to us, name and ip, from that we can use geoip tools and get ISP, we can range ban people, we can check logs for information regarding name and ip and look for clues, we can even make automatic programs to take care of special ban evaders. But ya there are evaders who can evade all they want without anyone noticing, like a guy I did a research on and found out he had hundreds of bans on our ban list and all of his names were diferent. We also have other ways to find people, such as behaviour which is how I found that guy out.
Not banning the wrong player is done only with caution, you don’t just compare a name and ban if it matches, we need to have matches on more than one comparison, to reduce the chances of inocents being banned. With Experience I have learned to completely avoid banning inocents when checking for ban evasions, while not sacrificing my ability to pursue evaders, in fact, that is also trained aswell, if I’m around, the evader has small chances of getting in unnoticed (the ones that evade quickly that is). Evaders who take hours to change ip aren’t worried about much, because for 1, they are usually easy to catch automatically, and 2, they don’t cheat during those hours, all it takes is a votekick or an admin.
Damage done is also something to consider, someone with wallhacks will be more controlled than someone without for example.

Fun fact: players change ip more often than they change name, everyone not just troublemakers.

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I’ve never changed my IP

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Well one of my friends just happens to live across from me and from the very corner of my house I can access his WiFi of course the internet strength is weak and password protected it is still possible even if I don’t plan to ever do this.

Let me put this simply Your internet connection your responsibility. (While it may be true in cases such as the one you described it is a very well known excuse hence the idea of multiple people on the same connection is = to the same person)