DvZ Server?

Dwarves vs Zombies…

have it go up maybe every weekend

and help Rob with testing


ah lol I have been looking for the IP lol

its on a need to know basis and strictly white listed… you have to pass his test right before every game to get an email that whitelists you and gives you the ip

Ahhh DvZ I always dream’t of playing in Rob’s Server, Sadly my Minecraft is Cracked :frowning:

I liked DvZ when it was first being promo’d by Etho and Pause but…meh idk the games don’t seem as fun any more. Guess it’s funny now the Mindcrack guys are into it like I’ve watched Guude’s video’s of it lately but that’s mainly for the commentary not the game play.

No watch Pause’s Videos and Etho posted 1 Video i think, DvZ now is complicated and I’m not subscribed too Guude so I don’t see his videos

Play it on playmindcrack now :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks cool i will try it :slight_smile:

Lol, funny video. Does their server accept private clients?