Dota 2

Watch and Learn young bloodseekers MAHAHAHHAHAHA

Alright seriously, It would be nice to have an Aloha team


ill try it out :slight_smile:

It does have a somewhat big learning curve. Don’t get disappointed against the bots they can be hard to beat because if their almost precise timing. Humans are a bit more dumb and less precise. So don’t get disappointed losing to bots. If I get time Ill happily give you a few what do do and not to do. Theres a very nice guide by purgegamer running around. Use bot matches to practice last hitting.

Any LoL players around? I heard that there are already a few in

BR is one. He has his own chan at #lol.aloha.

Lol got reported for bulldozing as a noob blood seeker by a slark who rqed. xD I atill don’t get why people see him as op hes not hes actually under powered.