Don't Starve

I’m sure you guys have heard of the game Don’t Starve.

Don’t Starve on Steam

Its gained traction recently with the release of Don’t Starve Together, the multi-player version of Don’t Starve.

I recently started playing Don’t Starve over the weekend and its so much fun. The world I started today is now on day 19 and this is my maybe 8th world.

It is on steam for $14.99 USD without any sales, and packs are $19.99 USD but frequently go on sale for $5.00 USD.

If you get one of these packs with Don’t Starve Together and it comes with a extra copy to send to a friend, I’d gladly take it. Add me on steam Thufman.

Anyways this game is loads of fun and I think you should check it out.

Here’s my favorite youtubers, Etho’s, play through of Don’t Starve Together with Docm77


DST crash a ton for me, i mean i click play, host a server, then it crash :frowning: . The spare time i have played it was so much fun. Totally recommended for anyone interested in survival games (and the graphics makes it unique).

For me it resembles a very Tim Burton style of animation. And who doesn’t love Time Burton’s work.

Finally another Ethos fan!

I met Etho twice! Once in babel and in another server a long time ago, that time I was not a fan!

I remember someone posted a video of him joining the server with his voice to prove it was him. Sounded alot like him. I think it was maybe 2-3 years ago though. Pretty sure it was posted on the AoS site, on the side bar maybe?