Do not use OpenSpades on Aloha

The OpenSpades client is under constant development, and exhibits unusual behavior for those who are spectating. Client settings, such as weapon spread and recoil, are often changed by devs. When staffers spectate, they may mistake this for hacking and will ban you permanently. This has happened to me while testing git builds on multiple occasions. In the past, we cleared up the misunderstanding and I was unbanned, but this time the staffer who banned me has a weak grasp of the English language and does not understand this. This is just a fair warning to avoid playing on Aloha servers with the OpenSpades client, because there is a chance you will be confused for a hacker and permabanned, particularly if you are building and running it from the latest git sources. If you want to help out with testing and bugfixing the OpenSpades client, do it on a private server.

Personally I think it’s a bad idea to allow players to be using two different clients for AoS, especially when one of them behaves differently and gives players an unfair advantage by having less recoil, spread, etc. Servers should be set up to only allow OpenSpades, as it is actively developed and is cross-platform.

No you were clearly hacking. This was not a random ban more than one admin watched this clip and agreed. As I’ve stated in your appeal the camera “glitch” is our software that we use for admining purposes and is functioning as intended.

Well then the supposed “no recoil” you were witnessing must have been caused by changes to recoil/spread values in the OpenSpades client: Update recoil/spread amount to match measured values · yvt/openspades@1743c2c · GitHub

As i’ve mentioned our logs say you didn’t use openspades.

MegaStar messaged me your logs and they say I was:

[2017 27 September Wednesday 20:10:39] <babel_aloha> zb running OpenSpades v0.1.1 on Linux

That didn’t appear because of the search terms I used in my log, my bad. Also that wasn’t meant to for you. It doesn’t matter all versions of os have recoil. I’ve seen times where it shows one shot have some and another not but it is never permanent. That video is a clear indication of hacks I’m done discussing it. Not that I can do anything to begin with.

base openspades, without modifying the source code, is safe to use. it’s even safe to use if you do modify the source code, as long as you’re not giving yourself an advantage over other players. you’re banned because the video taken of you very clearly shows no recoil, as opposed to reduced recoil such as you’d find in older versions of openspades but which is now fixed and has been for 8 months.

Well I honestly see no evidence of no recoil, you can see me firing shots at players and missing all throughout the video. And the fact that you aren’t even able to read the logs correctly and you have other people on staff sending logs (with player’s IP addresses in them) to the wrong people by mistake just strengthens my argument that some of the people on staff are badmins who don’t know what they’re doing.

I have to clarify that in that part was my mistake, apparently it is filtered the message that I should send an administrator and casually sent it to you, but this does not remove the fact that you were hacking.

you were clearly hacking, judging by the video, there’s no way you’re going to talk your way out of this ^_^, have a nice day!! ( edit:// interesting that you’re saying you weren’t hacking but you know so perfectly well how to change recoil in openspades) also i’m pretty sure you are the guy who was playing under username: Didlo don’t know the rest of the name, and you made some other changes to client such as digging distance etc.

I’m just warning people to not use OpenSpades so they don’t get banned. If I wanted to “talk my way out” of being banned, I would have just lied and gave some phony apology since apparently that’s all hackers have to do to get unbanned from here. Aloha is pretty much the last English-speaking active AoS server and if badmins are erroneously banning people because they can’t identify hackers, they are not just killing their server, they are killing the entire game. I know how the source code works because I contribute to OpenSpades development and I know that myself and other legit players have been getting banned since recoil/spread were changed in the client back in February. Anyway I’m sick of arguing about this, just don’t use OpenSpades if you want to play on Aloha.

using it for a year now no problems so far!! thanks for your input

well, speak for you and not for others, there are players who use version 0.1.1 and are quietly playing right now.

I just tried version 0.1.1 to see if there was a little recoil, even having low fps in ace of spades you can achieve see the recoil, anyway the administrator will take care of this ban appeal but I wanted to clarify this point.


You (and probably everyone else) are running the 0.1.1 binary release which is about 6 months old now, I’m compiling and running the latest git sources which have numerous changes from the version you are running.

It’s almost like the public os client has recoil…

…and yours doesn’t. :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

If it helps you interpret the evidence then watch the videos at .25 or .5 speed. You very obviously edited your os client or were using a no recoil cheat. The video makes that a fact. You can stop putting on a show and being a asshole towards staff. The entire staff is in agreement that you were cheating. The banning admins grasp of English is irrelevant to your sins. You are obviously lying which is going to severely hurt your chances of being unbanned.

Edit: The admin spectator tool shows recoil the same no matter what client. You can’t bullshit your way out of this.


  1. Evidence Please
    “badmins are erroneously banning people because they can’t identify hackers, they are not just killing their server, they are killing the entire game”
    2)Evidence Please
    “I know how the source code works because I contribute to OpenSpades development and I know that myself and other legit players have been getting banned since recoil/spread were changed in the client back in February”

Well on my end I have recoil just like in the top video, so I don’t know what’s going on.

Bro, just accept the fact that you were cheating. Even when you spectate you can see recoil from said player you are watching. That is blatant evidence you were abusing script. I may not be an staff member, but I felt I should defend our staff, because what you are doing is outright ridiculous and you need to stop, just accept the fact that you were cheating.

you had norecoil in the video shown above
but you didnt get hits on your target
if you have a small mouse try buying a new one because i switch to a laptop in case me and my brother plays openspades together and i get a hard time getting hits
or lower your sensitivity
alot of hackers use norecoil because they cant get a good hit on enemies or whatever fucking reason

I think only the most recent version of OpenSpades should be allowed since there are so many people that still use the old ones with unfair recoil.