[DISCUSSION] Arena Top10 Revamp!

Hey guys,

It’s been quite some time since arena top10 has received a change in rotation or other changes in general and we have opened this topic to allow the community to share their opinion on how we could make top10 better.

For reference this includes (but it’s not limited to):

  • Adding new maps.
  • Removing old maps.
  • Changing score limits (to reduce or increase the time spent on each map).
  • etc.

The current rotation is the following: minideckarena, avstorage, indiaarena, generator2, planeassault, avseafort, prisonbreak, nuketown, avsmallfortress, facingworldsarena, blueresort, rigreloaded, abandonedstronghold.

Check this page to see which other new maps could make it into the new rotation ----> http://aloha.pk/files/aos/maps/

List of most of the arena maps available

minideckarena, avstorage, indiaarena, officewars, avsides, generator2, rigreloaded, ambassyarena, planeassault, penthousearena, generator, avseafort, facingworldsarena, avsmallfortress, spacestationarena, dedust2arena, submarinearena, avstoragebig, alcatrazarena, blueresort, abordage, museumarena, spiraltower, csitaly, prison, turvystairs, prisonbreak, nuketown, castlewars, abandonedstronghold, alamoarena, zealot, avrealm1f, casinoarena, townarena, avacid, sherwoodforest, chinatown, avvirtual, volcano, avorder, highrise, abandonedfactory, neotokyo, beaulieuarena, sixhouses, crossover, lostvalleyarena, phases, lostvalleyv2arena, deepspace, swamparena, avdivision, avinsides, avsandtown, avsector1, hijacked_arena, twobunkers

We want to hear your suggestions/opinions!

IMO the current rotation is working very well and needs little change.

I think faceworldsarena needs to be removed, specially because of the black fog, it is pretty hard to aim at the blue team.
Also blueresort needs to go too as the spawn location is unbalanced for the green team.

We could replace these two maps with:

  • avvirtual
  • avdivision

Both great maps with fast paced action, and pretty fitting to the top10 rotation.

@captaincake also suggested to lower the cap limit down to 7 in avsmallfortress as it takes a while to get to 15 wins. I second this.

add avsides, very cool map

i really like phases too, i vote for adding it

i’m pretty ok with these changes, a map replacement would turn it more interesting

we could also remove generator2 I often see people complaining about that map and the truth is that this map seems boring to most of the players I play with in the arena10

but i still don’t know which map to replace it, maybe sixhouses would work fine


There are also good maps, I seriously don’t know which one we should remove,

Agree with this, some people doesn’t like this map, cuz it’s too small and sucks when there are too many players, a map that can replace this can be sixhouses, it’s a very good map that should be there

generator2, abandonedstronghold and prisonbreak — boring maps because they have primitive and symmetrical map shape geometries.

Also. Need fix for blue spawn on Deck map. After when you fall down from spawn you take damage.

Google translation /o\

what about changing the fog in facingworldsarena, it’s too dark for blue to be seen even with os flashlight, even being up to 7to win it gets slow and full of camping. is THAT map that always ends with 4-5 spectators that don’t want to play it
maybe puting other quick map in its place like shipment or abordage

Please add this map to the Arena top 10.

Name: awp_india_black

Creators: Keviin, Naruto, Chapa and Ember.


I’ve done some testing an all that stuff and I came up with this 10 map list:
1_avseaFort 1.2 (the one without the roof)
5_abandoned stronghold
10_ (leaving it to the forum)
I really what some feedback about this list because top10 has those awesome fast paced maps that makes it diferent from arenacs and fun in it’s way

That’s a good list but I think that you missed the player’s feedback on new maps.

This is a list I made with the suggestions made here:

[ol]- minideckarena

  • avstorage
  • indiaarena
  • generator2 sixhouses
  • planeassault
  • avseafort
  • prisonbreak avsides
  • nuketown
  • avsmallfortress
  • facingworldsarena avvirtual
  • blueresort TO BE DETERMINED
  • rigreloaded
  • abandonedstronghold TO BE DETERMINED[/ol]

There’s no CoDshipment in our map repertoire.

We will test this map when it becomes available (soon).

there may be a place for officewars, it’s a great map and deserves to be in the rotation, perhaps replacing avseafort, avseafort is a good map but not a favorite and can be replaced by officewars

well I want to bring this up again to the front because this post got kinda forgotten and top 10 desserves a good revamp

[ol]- minideckarena

  • avstorage
  • indiaarena
  • generator2 sixhouses
  • planeassault
  • avseafort
  • prisonbreak avsides
  • nuketown
  • avsmallfortress
  • facingworldsarena avvirtual
  • blueresort
  • rigreloaded
  • abandonedstronghold crossover[/ol]

This is the final rotation proposal, current rotation will be updated in the weekend so if any of you still have suggestions feel free to share them here or in our Discord before it goes live!

Replaced avsides with our new map fy_pool_day2 by Darion

Maybe make India_Arena to 10 and not 15? I see the count of players playing top 10 Arena drop pretty significantly when that map is being played.
Also I am one that really misses the old CSGO maps from the CSGO server, so maybe bringing back a few of them would be fun. Just to like 5 or 7 since I know
those go a little bit longer.