[DISCORD] AoS Presence

I just updated this, I made a small program with which you can modify things more easily so you avoid doing everything through the config.ini


  • Everything will be more orderly.
  • Unlike the old version, now you can modify the data and update them instantly without having to reopen the program.
  • The data will remain even if you close the program, this will make you avoid putting everything again the next time you open it.

The only thing you should do is fill in the boxes with the corresponding data, the list of servers is sorted by the number of players (from highest to lowest) to select a server just point and click it once (you can do more than 1)



  • It is advisable not to modify anything in the config.ini, do it through the program, thanks.
  • To exit the program use the Exit button (important)

Download link:

Old version

[details=Click for details]This time I come to share a Rich Presence that I did today in relation to ace of spades for Discord, you can customize it to your liking.

What you should do is download the openspades_presence.rar file that will be on the bottom, this contains an .exe file so your browser will probably send a message saying it is a dangerous file (actually it is not)
Once downloaded the file, watch this video, here I show all the necessary steps.

In the video is not shown but I add a new option in the config.ini, this option is called player_text_count, here you must put the message that will appear next to the player count (by default it will be in players)

player_text_count = nubs


Download: openspades presence





Nice job Mega.

This has just been updated :slight_smile: