Today whenever I’m playing on tower of bable I keep getting disconnected. It usually happens when I am helping taking down the enemy tower. What could be causing it? Could it be a server issue or client issue? Thanks.

Could be a raging guard. I’ve seen some pretty nasty deeds among admins recently, across multiple games. What has the world come to?

Whoa now, what are these nasty deeds you speak of? In particular, any of them from aloha? It’s best to send me a private message if you’re concerned people will see.

In reply to OP, do you get disconnected only on babel, or all aloha servers? It’s possible the internet connection between you and the server was being crappy.

If you see nasty deeds, report them! Nothing will be done if they aren’t reported…

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2/5/2013 - The day izzy used capital letters.

Love that signature :wink:

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They’re not common in Aloha, but next time I see it I’ll head straight to the IRC.

That is, if you see one.

I think I was only playing on babel. It could have been my connection, but other than AoS I didn’t notice any other issues with my internet connection. currently I’m connected to the internet via Ethernet connected to a switch.

I’ll keep a look out if it ever happens again.

Its been a while since I’ve been disconnected from the server, but tonight (3/17/13) I was disconnected from the server (babel). Don’t think I lost internet connection because I am still able to get online and/or connect to the game. The second I was disconnected the server was full.

update 9:55 pm PST:
disconnected again and the server was full.

Do you notice that everyone stops moving, actions people or yourself are doing are doing stop (ie. blocks are no longer breaking), or people seem to walk endlessly in a certain direction before disconnecting?

Yeah, that’s a sign you’re lagging out or crashing.

  1. Craft was responding to shywolf, who did the “necroposting”. Since there was a new post in the thread, it follows that his post isn’t a necropost.
  2. Shywolf was the OP of the thread, and his problem resurfaced. Thus, he’s readdressing the same issue, and it’s a good idea to post in the original thread where we can drawsome parallels and comparisons to his original situation.

On the other hand, your post is completely irrelevant and contributes nothing to the discussions. Stop making such posts.

sometimes. Enemy will be in our camp walking to the end and you can’t kill him. I try to place blocks but you cant and the block counter goes down. Also the game will freeze for a while then goes back to normal and a few seconds later I am disconnected.

edit: I think i have some video when it happened. If you want to see it i’ll try to find it. Found the video and it is almost exactly what CraftDinur posted.

that video is pretty much what i was trying to explain. i’m pretty sure this is a technical error. you are definitely not being kicked, your game has just crashed when this happens. if you get kicked a message will appear on your screen saying “kicked”. i’m not particularly sure why this happens. i think you can talk to izzy or someone who can tell you why this is happening but the problem seems to be you and not external.