DIABLO_HARCOR aimbot esp nr and ElVergaLagra aimbot esp

DIABLO_HARCOR https://youtu.be/GJV1E318Lwc aimbot esp nr 1:13 CET
Not much to say, normal hacker that gets a nice streak(pretty obvious obviously)

ElVergaLagra https://youtu.be/VEgGDDd2mWY aimbot esp 1:28 CET (He is not using No recoil so it’s not so obvious that it gets spotted that he’s cheating, at 0:57 he aimlocks at a invisible person by accident while wanting to aimlock at the visible one, clearly aimbot and esp)

DIABLO_HARCOR was ban in game by one of the admin.

ElVergaLagra was evade and end up to get ban (for evasion) by other admin.

Thanks for reporting.


no problem