Destroying block with guns

This game is slowly fading out and it is getting harder and harder to have a full server. One main point why we lose players at one point in games is caused by the best of us.

Some players like nuts, microwave, Dildo have this capacity to empty a server because they are so good that ennemies lose motivation in trying to kill them. For those being admins and trying to keep players in, I would suggest to slow down that spawnkilling, but I understand that it’s not all the good players who are smart enough to understand that they are ruining the game and making players leave.

SUGGESTION: In order to help preventing these excellent players from hiding behind blocks, I would like to retreive the ability to destroy any block from anywhere when shooting. (However, i would still not allow destuction inside team zone as it is now). This way, a too good sniper hiding behind blocks can see those blocks being destroyed and the guy being shot a little faster.

I know most admis are excellent players that will probably be offended by this request, but those too good players are making this game lose in popularity with their spawnkilling habilities.

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i doubt that this will slow those players down significantly. part of being that good is dispatching enemies quickly and they likely will simply kill u before u blow their entire cover away.

I think generally its important to look at a skill-balance between the teams. Often there are good and those very good players in one team, and newcomers, inexperienced players in the other one. I try my personally to balance in those cases but sometimes it isn’t easy, when you already build nearly the entire tower for example…
Nobody should be forced in changing teams tho, but it would be nice if you all watch out a bit on skill-balanced teams. :grinning:

bro how can you not say that aos is not dying? there’s always a peak of like 30 40 players but then, nothing else changes… This game has been at this level for years now.