Dave - Why is he STILL here?

So I was enjoying a game in Aloha pinpoint when the notorious “Dave” joined. Literally as soon as he joined he began sexually harassing a girl named “Vanessa” (inb4 no girls on internet she was asking for it etc etc) as seen in this picture, viewer discretion advised http://i.imgur.com/Tunbl.png

While doing this, he proceeded to call the entire server. and I quote “fat nerds”, while accosting several players for anal sex.

Now, all my life I’ve been told to ignore people like this Aloha and it’s a strategy that works, but this is ridiculous. Sexual harassment is not only illegal but just unnecessary when we have the tools to ban repeat offenders such as Dave and Anus.

I realise this is the internet and of course, the population of idiots is going to be high but enough is enough. Please izzy, remove these bellends from your servers and you’ll have a much more positive atmosphere, and my (and I imagine many others) thanks.

Notorious people seem to sick around on Aloha.

Dave also has a habit of purposefully holding onto the intel in his base. He will do this until I say something like “Dave you should cap that intel” and then he’ll generally stop messing around.
He does also grief on occasion, and consistently gets his team angry at him. Doing something with him should definitely be considered. I don’t necessarily want to boot him, because I’ve kinda become fond of him, but his presence causes stress for everyone.

I don’t know what’s to become fond of but fair enough :slight_smile:

Why hasn’t he been IP banned permanently?

PXYC i think you know what to do.

@Kodiak What was exact time of this, as I was in pinpoint earlier and saw Vanessa and Mr. Stark. She sounded fine when I was playing and Froe and Bucket and came shortly before I left.

Well, there is two Daves, the Dave from Denmark is a builder, and the other Dave come from Poland is a griefer

Somewhat off-topic, why is it that AEM and HoboHob both want extremely drastic actions like permabanning all the time?

Insults? Permaban.
Griefing? Permaban.
Bad name? Permaban.
Chat-spam? Permaban.

This ain’t the White Terror, aloha isn’t run by dictators!

He used vulgar language and griefs, which is why Anus got permabanned. People who use racial slurs and constantly grief after being warned constantly should be banned, Reki.

@Reki: If someone does all of those things, a lot of the time. I think it deserves a permaban.

I permabanned Dave at the same time I permabanned Anus.

I will never forget those two acts of heroism you did.

Thank you. At last Aloha Pinpoint has come to rest again.


i will be back, dave aswell :smiley:


Now you’ll just become even more of a cancer sucking the Aloha community dry. Move on with your life, man, it’s not worth the effort.

Or brothers.

Anus you are quite stupid.
Izzy could just check your IP cos your sending post via the forum.
She will now ban all the IP’s which you have used for this forum.

Izzy is a he.