Darkova Confession

Sorry for the length of the video. He spills the beans at 1:45

this seems to be my doing. :L

I talked to Darkova after he was banned. watching the video the staff member who banned Darkova gave me, I decided he wasn’t actually using hacks, but probably using a really long skin.
after confirming with Darkova that it was infact a 2 block long skin, I heavily suggested that he use a shorter skin.
probably should have said something about it, however he could have been a bit more careful here, since he was under scrutiny and all.

also, if a skin is 2 blocks long and a player is right next to a 1 thin wall, looking straight into it, the end of the gun points out the other side.
here’s an example with tobi9sc’s Red Orchestra 2 Karabiner 98 Kurz.

hope this cleared everything up.

I will point out even the stock weapons do point through walls to an extent as well too. Some point through 2 block walls, but that’s not acceptable for playing.