Custom video

Here I plan to upload various videos whose ideas came to my mind.
Feel free to join.

What might the BABEL mode with 128 players look like?
This attempt was not very successful, since the chromakey “eats up” part of the players’ figure.


+64 players needs bigger maps and we surely can’t do such thing, unless…

In fact, the extension of the protocol to 128 players is almost ready. Both on the server and client side of OpenSpades. We checked - it works.
Why developers do not activate this protocol extension, I do not know.
Of course, there is a problem with the fact that after playing with 64 players, then you will no longer want to log into the server with 20. )))

How many builders and defenders of the tower will die in 10 minutes?
Provided that the tower is almost built, and the enemy team does not cause big problems?


What a nice edit!
The tower looks pretty awesome, I should try to help with the build sometime, only I’m really bad for it lol

Thanks I was trying. )))
I made a test video - see what the result will be, and whether it is worth shooting the entire process of building a tower from the beginning to the end of the game.

nice video, it look like ants trying to build something xd

Exactly. )))