custom map: pinpoint

small spawns that converge into a bottleneck at the center of the map. makes for constant action-packed gameplay.


Favorite map for me so far

i got my highest kills here 421

new record now… 687 :smiley:


go for 1000

is possible but i want to learn how to take screen shots on spadile as a poof but dont really know how :frowning:

run Spadille before you launch AoS then hit your print screen key whenever you want to take a screen shot

then Spadille → Tools → Screenshots → Browse… and move your favorites to a folder that’s easy to find and upload them to an image hosting service such as or even directly to this thread

i guess i wont be able to get 1000 kills unless pyspades gets some update about trusted user or something on pinpoint… haters gonna hate for getting kill by me…

they votekick me everytime i kill them…


can i get trusted user back please :[