Custom map: Pillars

Almost whole map is covered with high pillars, when you fall from pillar - you die. So bridges and teamwork are very important.
If someone wants, ill upload hardcore version ( pillar color is same as player color on map and team spawns are same color as their intel and tent symbols color.



I hope izzy will host it

how are the colors against chat readability? that’s one of my biggest concerns when hosting maps

where can i get the hardcore version? i might prefer it

i’ll try to get some hosting time in soon

chat wasn’t visible in white water, so i replaced it to red(like in pinpoint)
zip contains also hardcore version

i like pillarschat

we played for several hours yesterday, it stayed mostly full the whole time. seemed like people were having fun, i know i was.

but it did get griefed rather quickly in comparison to most maps we host. not really sure what can be done about that except making the pillars bigger.

i know thats easy to grief, i fastly griefed it on localhost with smg