custom map: holes

my first AoS map!

based on the story Holes, it's a simple map with a simple concept of equally sized 13x7 holes randomly scattered everywhere. makes for some fun gameplay!


Necroing this, but at the same time, also nostalgia.

I love this map (on babel!), and really reminds me of the book.

Why did you bring up a olf thread Reki??

i never knew the map was based on the book holes :o
also never knew izzy made the map either

@Reki: Really? Resurrecting old topics?

@Ryu: You resurrected this:

@CraftDinur: izzy also made pinpoint and hallway, which were the first two Aloha AoS server if I’m not mistaken.

nothing wrong with on-topic necroing

Holes is one of my favorite stories!

Mine too.

@AEM i am aware izzy made pinpoint and hallway. it’s pretty much basic knowledge in the AoS community

This is, IMO, simultaneously a necro and a trip down memory late.

Remember back when there was no spade, but there were a shovel and a pickaxe?
How about when the inventory belt was at the top of the screen, rather than the bottom?
The only gun was the rifle?
Your health/ammo display was anti-aliased, without crappy pictures?
When “Press G for grenade!” and “Press B for bombs!” were still around?
The intel was a square, the command tent was a cross?

Holes is actually one of my favorite map in babel, just never knew it was based off a book.

It was probably one of Louis Sachar’s best books…actually, one of the best children’s books ever.

There was a movie about it too :).

I love this map, it’s fun wall popping in the wholes and sneaking around the map.

You dare go into the holes? Make sure you’ve eaten some onions first, else the lizards will get you!

Dem lizards.

Most of the time what happens is a ennemy gets in a hole near the stairs in babel and kills+jackhammers everthing, otherwhise makes for great fights :slight_smile:

Isn’t that what happens in almost every Babel map?

My favourite tactic in Holes is just to sneak into the enemy base from behind. Works every time.

No water damage? awwwwwright.

Great Map! Love it!

Yes indeed.

I love Holes, I’ve read it like 100 times! :stuck_out_tongue: Also, I never even knew this map existed…I really want to get back into AoS but I just lost all interest in it. Aloha MC server FTW!