Custom Crosshairs

I’ve managed to make or alter some custom weapon sights, but I seem unable to correctly mod the crosshair.

Whenever I replace the default target.png with my target.png the image is considerably smaller than it should be and the transparent sections are white.

I don’t think you can edit the image size, use the size that is available to you, and use for transparency because regular paint won’t work. (there are other programs other than, but I use this one)

Hope I helped.

Yeah thanks. I ended up using Gimp2 and realised it has transparent canvases.

So you guys can see what I've done.

I'm a fan of multi-colour X-hairs. This way you can see atleast some of your Xhair regardless of colour target aiming at. The spoke design ensures you can still see and act as lead-ins to the centre xhair.

Also I edited my Hit Indicator. ;D


indicator.bmp (156 KB)

That is interesting and creative, good job.

That’s actually really cool, I’ll try it out.

I like the crosshair, but it’s a bit hard to hit enemies from far distance with it. Maybe you should add a bigger dot in the centre.

just saw this for the first time. nice crosshair, i like it a lot! it solves the problem i experienced with other single or dual-colored crosshairs that are difficult to see in front of certain backgrounds…

Never ever had a problem with red dot, but then again I don’t play babel often.