Custom cherry trees progression

So the main type of tree I’ve decided to use around my base are cherry trees because 1) they look fancy, 2) they use an amazing mixture of uncommon blocks, and 3) I hate myself and like to spend hours shaping one single tree. :laughing:

My first attempt at creating one went ok- it didn’t look horrible but I made the mistake of using white and magenta terracotta. I was also pretty unhappy with the overall shape of it, too.

After I got sick of staring at the multiple mistakes, I decided to redo it! This time I made sure I had the shape that I wanted and also used the correct blocks/color palette. I think it looks a lot better now!

There’s no need to use white terracotta because the pink glazed terracotta has smaller but brighter shades of white mixed in. Pink (which looks almost red?) terracotta is also way better than magenta, as it makes the tree way more vibrant. As for the overall shape, I think it looks way more natural now.


The work is worth it, the tree looks great!