CTF - Capture limit

In the [i]Capture The Flag server[/i], the game doesn't ends after a team has "won" (captured 3 enemy intels) and the map doesn't resets. Apparently the map gets changed only after 7 captures (total) have been made.
Whenever this happens (a team won but the map won't change) some players wait for the next map and leave after noticing nothing happens. That's why i reccomend "fixing" the score.
I think a limit of 3 points or 60 minutes would be nice.

Thanks for reading

iirc its set to change maps after x number of matches but could be wrong. Every gamemode imo should have a standard number of captures (i.e. 10).

this was an intentional, albeit old configuration for the days when AoS had significantly more total players. back then most CTF servers changed maps too quickly, so we went for the slower map change route to give player construction/destruction a longer lasting impression.

i’ve gone ahead and changed the cap limit to 5 and set the server to change map upon the 5th capture.

What are the scoring mechanics in the 24/7 classicgen server?
Is the map generated randomly each round?