Crossbow Tracer

I have a quick question about tracers. I have a custom crossbow as my semi, but I thought it would look cooler with an actual arrow flying through the air. I found a nice tracer that looks like an arrow in a different pack. If you guys could take a look at it, and tell me if it is ok to use, that would be great. Thanks.

ya its good.
btw where did you get that green scope? I’m interested in trying it out.

Thanks for giving the all clear for the arrow, and I would be happy to share the scope with you. All of the credit goes to the designer, Ghost.

Here is his full armory of weapons, which I highly suggest using. They are quite good.

This is the download link for the AKS-74 pack. The green scope is under the IRNV. I highly recommend using that too. The yellow dot is very small, and is great for any distances.