create more maps for the server cs maps

there only three maps in the maps cs server

not create more maps to the server?

You could suggest some good ones, maybe others will agree with their inclusion.

It’s a very long processes to recreate a map, if you wish for more maps you may consider creating them yourself.

Maybe start a server and bring some friends on to help you make them, it’s much more fun.

Considering it took more than a year for a cs_office, I don’t know. Recreating maps in my opinion, are actually harder than creating a map out of your imagination. I agree with Tyler that it would be faster if you create your own server and recreate maps.

Aren’t you banned?

It feels like every topic ends with this question.

good news, I am working on a map like de_westwood, but I have to say : IT WONT BE A VERY GOOD REBUILDED ONE, because i cannot find the right models. My work untill now:

I’m also in the process of creating de_mirage.

To be honest, I don’t appreciate new cs maps that are not made by Danko or SIMOX.
So I guess this is a challenge I leave to you guys… amaze me as much as the existing maps did.

I’m currently working on CS_Estate and CS_747

+1 for more maps on cs server :smiley:

I would suggest some really cool maps that most people that play C.S play for a long time go on them.These are pretty much used on C.S clan matches all the time.

If someone can make those it would be great since they are really cool maps.(I could make them but I am lazy)

Base of CS_Estate finished

CT Spawn (blue) is ready. Road and main walls complete. Yard half done.

Can’t wait to see it when it’s finished Monstarules. :slight_smile: