Create a server openspades

Create a Port Forwarding
1-Press Windows + R, type cmd, type ipconfig, copy default gateway and IPv4 (example

2-Go to your browser, type default gateway, login with admin and password, go to Security or Firewall or Advanced, open Port Forwarding ( see in pictures )

3-Add a Port Forwarding
ip = IPv4
Inbound port, outbound port or locl port = 32887
Service Type or Format = Both or UDP/TCP

4-Sometimes it does not work for some antivirus or firewall so deactivate it in control panel, system and security, firewall, turn windows defender firewall and disable it

5-Download pyspades or pysnip and run run.exe

Server PySnipe
Server PySnip download link

Local Server PySnipe does not need port forwarding
Local Server PySnipe download link

To join to the local server put this in your browser or in OpenSpades aos://16777343 or aos:// the ip of the computer that its runing the server and the port (windows + R, cmd, ipconfig and copy your ip) like that

6-You can configure the server in config.txt changing the server name, the port, commands, max players, the map, etc.
To add a map you need to put the name of your map and if your map is an arena or babel map you will need to put arena or babel in config.txt and or in scripts

“maps” : [“map”, “random”]

“scripts” : [

You can download all kinds of scripts here
pyspades scripts
more scripts