It’s not really a game, but it’s a multiplayer game development suite. Created for non-programmers and stuff.

I haven’t actually tried it out yet do to some issues with getting my account activated, BUUUUUT it looks sweet, definitely worth checking out.


This looks Really cool, I Will try this out as soon as i get free time even though i can code easily but this looks cool enough to try out!

Thanks for showing me this! :slight_smile:

I tried it. Completely user unfriendly and doesn’t even make sense.

This dude only has one post… I feel like he created an account just to comment on this xD

like i think user unfriendly means you have no fricking idea how to use it, the instructions (if there are any) are very unclear, and you have no clue what this button does and that button does.

That’s how i see it anyways(never tried it)

When I din’t know what to do:
Hit each button in order until I have a basic understanding of the toolset.

How is it “user unfriendly” It’s actually Really really easy…noob… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yesterday, my teacher made us do a Fact and Opinion sheet -.-’
so boring ah

this looks really awesome actually i might look into it