Cracked Minecraft Servers

I dont know if this is the right place but, if you guys know any good cracked minecraft servers plz tell because I have only got Minecraft Windows

The aloha server will be cracked (don’t know if that’s what you’re asking).

Just buy Minecraft, everybodies happy :smiley:

Buy the game. It saves a lot of time hunting for servers and helps the Devs in the long run!

I know 1 g oto this website:

Go to sites here at your own risk!

Yeah, just buy the game. It’s not really worth the hassle of worrying about cracked servers…

Did you just bump a 6 month old thread

He did, but does it matter? Besides the minecraft part of the forum has little activity.

Is the aloha server cracked?


public minecraft server will be uncracked, we have a private one for staff members and friends which is cracked.

I’m not sure if the public sever was scrapped for good.

aloha’s Minecraft server will be uncracked when it goes live. When it goes live is not up to me, so I cannot answer that question.

Yeah, but shh it’s private.

What private server?

Well, it looks like I did! I didn’t notice how old it was though. The consequences of late night browsing :wink:

There is a big Brazilian Minecraft server called Craftlandia: (use google translator if you have troubles)

ill check it out

Nice google translating for you xD

xD yep!

Some of the Linespqr and Slaves are playing on a Vanilla minecraft server that is cracked for our poor fags.

Willy,CaptainDerpster,Venator and I are starting a small town on that server, Join us at
We have a minecraft section with frequent updates to what servers we are playing and our own servers. Cheers!