Counter-Strike Maps Server

Hey everybody,

I really enjoyed playing on the Counter-Strike Maps Server and was wondering about some of the scripts you are using.

I noticed you had passreload and htmlhelper which I have not seen before. I’m assuming passreload is for editing the config file while the server is running? If so I have a script that reloadconfig that does that. htmlhelper I’m assuming is used with the stats script to create your live status page? If you don’t mind me asking how exactly does the live status page work?

Final question, is there any place I can download the CS Italy map? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

Thanks for your time and look forward to playing on your servers again.

Htmlhelper is for a new serverstatus basicly on the old aos forums somebody posted a new status server template. and it has more stuff like accuracy afk and other stuff like that. the default statusserver doesn’t have that, but you need htmlhelper to work it. Live status works by opening a TCP under port 32886 and then enabling live status in the config and running the server. Thats how it works basicly. I’m sure someone could explain it better. Im sure someone can give you CS Italy. But if not go to the old forum archive here—> You can check out the script forum and the map forum.

Sounds interesting.

I finally found the cs_italy map. They are so many Mods and Maps made for this. Haha.

Thanks for your help.