Couldn't take a screenshot but please check chat logs.

So today on map, I forgot which one, a player by the name HELLACRINGE started abusing me. Sorry I dont have any proof, but only the chat logs are proof.

Now again, on map DRIFT ICE he joins and starts following me wherever I am moving, he even attempted to build on me so that I could not move. Then a guy called CODE started doing the same. When I told him then I have done /admin, and he will get banned for building on me and being xenophobic, he stopped. But then a guy called Garo started a fake votekick against me, reason: spam.

And last but not the least, CODE guy sent me a PM: " CHUP KAR KUTTE" which translates in Hindi to " Shut Up Dog"".

Sorry I couldn’t take a snap but only chat logs are as proof. But now when I rejoined the game, it says ‘‘BANNED’’. What have I done now ?
Hope some action is taken.

You left during a votekick.

oh, how long is the ban for that ?
well the votekick was a fake one

30 minutes

What about the toxic PMs and hate ? Any action gonna be taken ?

Up to the admins. I am just a guard.