Could I get the blockpower script?

I am making a new gamemode and would like to use the blockpower script for some of the powers. I will Not tell you much about the gamemode as I do not want the idea stolen. I will however give credit to who made the script in the new script as alot of the powers won’t fit the game mode. So is it open for view?

As there is not a lot of programmers for this game, you most likely wont need to worry about your idea being stolen, most if not all of the programmers here are quite respectable. As for the statues of the script, I would not know if they are open for use. As I have tried to access the script from aloha’s website, forbidden access, so as far as I know they don’t want anyone touching them.

The script most likely grabs your block_color and sets the values accordingly, I’m not sure how the script works with anti-aimbot scripts, seems like they’d have to add a few variables to ensure no one gets kicked for “over armor” or removing too many blocks at one time.

Good luck with your endeavors.

Sorry, no. It’s still in development, and I’d like to keep blockpower players on aloha, to keep an eye on gameplay dynamics and update stability.

You can find IRPG’s script here, it uses a lot of the same powers.
If you have any questions about how something is done, you can go on #pyspades on quakenet irc and a few people around (including me) would be happy to help.

Just wondering, with blockpower how do you get more than 1 power at once?

Just added it. Get 100 points (kills + caps, doesn’t matter how), and change your power while standing in your team’s tent.
You should see something like:

You have selected: Blocksplosion (3) and Armor (3)

You can change your second power while standing in the tent, and your primary power by changing it anywhere else.
Capturing will upgrade both powers, so it’s a good way to upgrade multiple things at once.