Could aloha host more complex, rare maps?

I’ve played the game from when it was only rifles and the graphics were chunky, but I can’t play anymore because all the hosted maps are played out and none of the more complex urban or naturalistic maps get hosted.

What I liked the most were ones like the dense urban map that was imported from minecraft (sprawling village, giant castle and blimp), maps like paradise, scandinavia, etc with their chaotic terrain. However I havent played paradise in weeks and the others in months. Any chance of seeing these again?

I understand that what is hosted now is what the user base wants most, but i think there is hope for increasing the interest in maps that are not so well known.


We do have some uncommon maps on the Capture the Flag server, but I get what you mean. That would be nice if we could do this on the Capture the Flag server.

I am for this.
Like those map that Reki, Spring, and I griffed >.>

paradise is on our ctf custom maps server. i think the scandinavia map you’re referring to might be on it as well. not sure about the others. there’s a lot of content out there… it’s a great help to specify the exact names and provide links to download locations. most of the publicly released content is already playable somewhere on one or more of our servers unless something didn’t play out well, but i’m sure there’s other stuff that got overlooked so be sure to suggest something if you can’t find it on the servers.

it’s also worth mentioning that the average player population tends to avoid maps that are too complex, especially urban maps because too many hiding places = camping = less action.

Thanks for feedback and I forgot to say, thanks for providing servers for so long! I’ve certainly had a lot of fun on them.

I think Izzy is spot on, I’m assuming the maps are difficult to find now (I just checked and the old forum content is wiped) and the fact that certain map types have dominated the game for so long means there are few players left who prefer those maps.

im went through the spadille archive of the forum, here are a few id recommend

Green Wood. Modification Winter War. « Ace of Spades Game Forums green wood
Hyrule Custom Map « Ace of Spades Game Forums hyrule
Ki11aWi11's Maps - Build and Shoot realistic bridge
Sasquatch Map Pack! - Build and Shoot maple

And in the last 6 months, an industrial park map popped up that was exceptional.

Anyway, happy gaming!

Realistic Bridge is awesome!

I liked… Ugh, what was it? x_x

It was the map where at your spawn there was a huge semi-sphere, which was your team’s colour. Then there was this hallway/bridge thing with a red and white checkered floor. The top of the building was red. There were pillars keeping the tower up, which went from the water, to the floor, to the roof. In the centre (where the blue and green sides met) there was a golden sphere, standing on some brown blocks…

Any ideas? xD


Anticbridge iirc.

I love greifing the base of AinticBridge.Make it fall down you will see the killfeed with full of fell too fars.So funny.

TBQH, some of the JestServer maps were fun including antibrigde and brigde.

I like griefing the bridge from Bridge Wars. Before I realized that JestServers were boring, I griefed the Bridge Wars bridge with a team of other people. It was fun ;D

greaser’s map editor for iceball is actually really intuitive if you want to try to use it. i’m trying to find some time to delve into it and make a map or two.

Does it use .vxl?

.icemap. But I believe there are .icemap to .vxl converters.