Cookie clicker


Cookie clicker is a game created by orteil. It’s a game about baking by clicking on the cookie, Then you buy buildings that bake cookies and buy upgrades with cookies that you baked. There is also achievements that you can unlock. There are golden cookies, if you clicked on them, they give you cookies. The more achievements you get the more upgrades and milk you get. You can save your progress and it saves automatically. It’s quite addictive and i still have it on right. Right now i’m baking 10,000 cookies per second. Tell me how was it. Hope you have fun.

here’s the link.

:stuck_out_tongue: got myself 300 time machines in an hour

How the hell? I am only getting 3k per sec after an hour right now XD

Right, this game…

Heres min 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 :stuck_out_tongue: lagged my comp sooo bad [No lies ill give screenie]


xD it was just simple console hacks

With my computer it gives me alot of lag and froze from time to time, so I just kindaaa just gave up.

Grandmas look scary once they are fully upgraded.
They also hate me because I fired one of them.

:L cheater i found that the old fashion way .
edit i found a different one



[details=AEM is OP]

I am beyond that point, however.
75M per sec.

wow Aem u baked alot of cookies and u clicked 2 golden cookies, i clicked 5

I’m too pro for it now. Also it lags the Internet a lot.

Really? doesn’t seem laggy to me.

157,775,890 Cookies per second.

Grandmapocalypse has begun.
The game is getting fucked up now.

go to menu and turn the particals, fancy graphis off. works smooth

58,839,847.3 CpS this very minute