Concerning Minecraft.

Does anyone play Minecraft anymore? The board has been inactive forever now. If you do I would love to know if you have a good survival server or anything like that with an active-ish community I can join. If you are willing to reply, I can give you my steam as well as my discord so we can further talk about it.


We’ll make the server great again this summer. It always picks up during the summer and dies down during the school year. The crew and friend server is still up as far as I know.

Apply for it here.

do you know what the IP for the server is?
im thinking of going back to it

I heard that after the server was moved, izzy forgot to put it on, and since Froe (and everyone (I think) else that played MC) has been away, no one remembered to bring it back. Guess you have to talk to izzy idk, Froe is the one who managed that server. I have faith Froe will come back during summer, because its usually like that,I think. Idk how to do those stuff myself and tbh it looks like my PC can’t handle mc anymore (I’ve had irl friends mock me for this but truth be told: mc is alot heavier than it appears to be).

This has been talked about, probably close to 100 times already. It is not up, but just restarting it wouldn’t fix the issue. There needs to be a new map. Shy and I have a few seeds we were looking at for a possible replacement map. I believe some glitch happened after Shoosh decided to make a charged creeper farm. People also went insane in the End and some of us, me included, ended up blowing through 30k+ blocks in mere hours, which also added to the load. The map also started like, a REALLY long time ago. I believe it started before version 1.5, and a lot of areas caused issues with spawning mobs, and other things. With all sorts of mixed and mashed things, it may have confused the game. Now, the map only loaded what it needed, and it would unload what wasn’t used, but I think the map got too big for the server to handle. Sure it only loaded what was being used, but for some reason it still lagged, even when people had excellent connection. Just searching for the chunk to load was a strain. In case you ask, I’m not sure how much RAM was allotted to the server.

Additionally, there are plugins that need to be decided on. The server used both Spigot and Bukkit scritps. Now it only needs a little editing here and there to change to a different version but there is an even bigger problem: there is just a lack of interest in the staff who play to restart the server. Froelich didn’t like the responsibility and the headache of having to monitor a server pretty much singlehandedly. Yeah there were staff, but there were only 2 admins, which were Froe and Scipio, and Scipio had pretty much been doing jack shit. What the other staff could do was also very limited. You can’t just have 1 or 2 Americans being the sole admins, running a server that routinely had over 10 people on it 24/7. I know both of them also didn’t really have the time to do much for it, and both of them admitted they really can’t program.

So it’s not just as simple as flipping a switch. There aren’t enough people who would play Minecraft regularly here in this community who are experienced with Java. The people I know who know Java are pretty much too busy, or not interested in Minecraft. I can program in Java, but considering the way I am currently viewed by the staff, I don’t think it would matter if I was Steve Jobs. There is no way I would be put in charge of this specific server. There really isn’t a capable staff member at the moment, who likes to play Minecraft. There are a few capable staff members but Minecraft is disinteresting to them, because this forum is pretty much about Ace of Spades. The same goes for the forum members here, Minecraft is disinteresting to them. There are select few like us, and there at one point were many people who played on the server. At one point. When the lack of support hit, I think a lot of people became disinterested with the Aloha MC server. Furthermore, out of the people who remained on it even with problems, a bunch have been inactive lately. Some have even left Aloha semi-permanently. Life strikes. It wasn’t the fault of the admins either. They just didn’t have the means to support this server anymore.

For those of you TL;DR people:

  1. There needs to be a new map. There really isn’t a question about it at this point. Too much lag, too many version conflicted areas, titantic structures everywhere…
  2. There need to be programmers to help maintain it. The biggest issue is that it would only be for fun, and finding someone who is good at programming, and likes to program for fun and free, is like trying to find a needle in a silo full of hay.
  3. Active staff who like Minecraft are needed. A server can be a fantastic idea but without a support team it isn’t worth much.
  4. There needs to be a variety of administrators, from different timezones.

FYI We’ve already been discussing the minecraft server. Enough people have expressed interest that it’ll probably be up again sooner than later with a new map.

A server coming back is one thing, but who is going to run it? Who will make sure that everything stays up to date? Who is going to be there to defend against theft, griefing, and whatever else? Shywolf91 and you certainly can’t do it alone. I don’t exactly see people volunteering left and right to run this server.

If it doesn’t have enough support then it won’t happen. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Why not make it an Anarchy server?

“crew and friends”

It’s not fun putting hours in to a sub-par game and having all progress destroyed because some asshole thinks it’s funny. I would hate you forever if my project was ruined and I’d probably leave the server in 30 seconds and never return if I was being hunted by a hacker immediately.

I know it may not come back (because of the reasons Monstarules stated) …

…but if we DID bring back the server, I think we should set aside a chunk of land where you can build bases and such, and then have wars. (but nothing crazy where 1 person puts down 1,000 Tnt, rather - its a place where you can have mock wars and raids while not endangering valuables)… If that makes any sense… (I guess kinda like a no-man’s land where anything within reason is game. you can claim bases and build bases, you can take over bases - by killing the owner and forcing them out- and such like that)

Anywho. I’d be up for the MC server coming back, and something like ^ could be fun

{LAG} Irongears {LAG}

The towny plugin would probably work for something like this, unless we use no plugin and just desalinate some random area/chunk.

It would be nice to have the minecraft server back again, but the question still remains: fresh server or using the old world.

Also would the mc server run decent on the aloha server? The reason we moved it offsite (probably the reason it died out) was issues with lag and resources iirc.

If we were to bring back a server, which is unlikely at this point, we would start a new map. The poll was overwhelmingly for a new map. We haven't put a MC server on the aloha machine because of resources.

Seems like mojang is adding more stuff to minecraft too coming out in 2018

I do have a realm up and running right now, but it is completely vanilla, and it is rather empty right now due to multiple factors. I’ve had a strange year, and haven’t been able to play as much as I’d like to.

So… I’ve recently been wanting to play MC, but I want to do it on Multiplayer…

So any fresh news? If any server was put online (preferably a new, fresh map) I know I’d play on it.

I believe the biggest question remain is who would run it, which I don’t know the answer to…

P.S. @Monsta that sounds fun! - what’s the max amount of players allowed?