Over the many times i have played on the zombie server,I have seen many zombies attempt to use guns.As many times as the message’‘You cant use a gun’’ comes up in chat,people feel the need to continue using it.I want there to be a clearer way for people new to the server to see that zombies can’t use guns.When people on zombies know they can’t use guns,they just get overrun by humans because all the other zombies are trying to use guns.This problem is very annoying,and needs a wway for it to happen less.Another thing i want to know is how no one on aloha noticed this.By only going on the server,you can see that green is using guns.This is one of the many reason i applied to be admin.So I could help watch over some of the many servers.

I’m fairly certain that, while zombies can fire bullets, the guns themselves do no damage.
Otherwise who the heck would even bother with the zombie/humans layout…
I was killed a few times by this one zombie, but it’s probably because he capped an intel and thus gained human powers.

However, using guns still has its uses, even if it’s damageless.
You can, for example, use it to point out the locations of enemies (signal for teammates).
Apparently zombies can shoot down your structures as well.

Do not forget if a zombie captures the human intel he can then use guns too kill.

when you’re a zombie and you’re shooting a gun i’m pretty sure your entire bottom-left screen gets spammed with the message “YOU’RE A ZOMBIE! TAKE A SPADE” or something along the lines of that. even if you can’t really understand english i’m pretty sure it’s a good indicator that you’re doing something wrong.

Even if they are trying to use the guns rather than the spade, it doesn’t give them an advantage at all. It actually gives them a disadvantage. While they’re taking their time trying to shoot down the humans, the humans can shoot them and kill them because the zombies are doing no damage whatsoever. It’s not abuse if the zombies aren’t doing damage to anyone or anything.