Complaint about FFAX mode

In the safe zone, there are peaceful blues and violent blues.

But you can’t tell the difference between the two.

What’s happened to me is I go to the safe zone to refill, and then get killed. If I know which blues were which I would just kill the violent ones and leave the peaceful ones. But I don’t know which is which.

Make it impossible for people to kill each other in the safe zone. Because right now, it isn’t safe by any means.

I just kill everyone.

Betraying your team is what makes it fun :smiley:

You can’t kill the peaceful blues, heck, they can just turn on you at any time making it completely unfair for red.

Not talking about that, talking about Blue has the advantage in the safe zone as they can choose when they want to fight.

HoboHob, there’s a reason why this game mode is called “Free for All Extreme”.

Ignore the Extreme part. Look at the first three words.
What do they mean?

Hm the Player with intel is at XY cords needs to be taken away… :C

Do you know how hard it is to find a blue camped in the volcano without that???

The Extreme is there for a reason…
But the Free For All is obvious…

Put nuke back? I noticed it was gone :C

The name may say free for all, but it isn’t. Blues work as a team against reds, giving reds the disadvantage from the start.

The fact that blues can kill at will in the safe zone and the reds cannot is even more unfair for red. And red can’t just ignore the safe zone, to score they need to get in.

blues can kill blues and reds. reds can kill reds and blues. anyone can kill anyone, anywhere, sometimes. for example, reds can kill aggressive blues in the safe zone.

just because i’m blue and you’re blue doesn’t mean i’m going to work with you. :slight_smile:

Any intel carrier can kill any other player in the game, and anyone can kill them, at any time, anywhere on the map.

You might want to update the ffax thread with all the new and sexy things you have done to it.

But then you get switched to red if you kill a blue and are a blue.

EDIT: I don’t get why, but people are always hatin’ on me for posting feedback. I am just giving some constructive criticism.

the only thing i do in ffax ask friends to join me build a base and if teammates or enemies find us its tower defense time!!! AWWWW YEA!!! lol