Command Book

Command Book

Use / its Inportant

/god mode
/kill##### team
/kill##person number
pz put some more.

Sorry D-feeter, but this topic needs to be deleted, we don’t want people hack into admins passwords and start using hese commands

There’s a list of administrative commands compiled for administrators.
Most of the commands here are for administrators only, so there’s no point showing it to the general public.

/votekick: Initiates a votekick against a player. Do not abuse.
/y: Say “yes” to a votekick. It’s pretty important that if someone needs to be kicked, use this, as half the server is needed (up to 16 people!)
/gc: Short for “griefcheck”, runs a quick check on the desired player. Shows information like team-kills and blocks griefed.
/accuracy: Checks on the shooting accuracy of a player. To be honest, this thing’s somewhat glitched, and doesn’t report right accuracy, but it’s still somewhat useful.
/ratio: Checks on the KD ratio of a player. Often used in conjunction with the previous command to arouse/confirm suspicions.
/admin: Notifies any admins. When it comes to HACKERS, use this command first and see if admins reply. They can give a harsher punishment than a 30 minute ban.
/pm: Private message. Sends a player a private message.

The general syntax for all of the commands above is [/command] [player] [text].
[/command]: Self-explanatory, any command.
[player]: Everything except /y and /admin needs this. You can either use part of a name, or an ID (found by pressing tab. It’s the #XX next to his name and point-count. Include the # sign).
[text]: Shows as a reason for votekicks, as the message for PMs, and as the information text sent to admins.