Come play AoS Babel, it's fun!

Yourself recently released Babel, a scripted AoS game mode that’s all about building with your team to win. construct a tower leading to the rectangular platform floating at top of the sky before the enemy does, then grab their intel and return it to your base, all while attacking their tower and defending yours from their attacks.

check it out! look for “aloha BABEL” on the official play page or enter this URL in your browser to join directly: aos://746636231





Wow i like the idea. Sounds fun

I like it but not my favorite I still like last team standing the best! Gives all those builders out there are chance to actually build something in the right spot… Not over the health station and leaving the intel blank without cover…


We should make post cards for each server,
Each saying,
Having a wonderful time in _______ wish you were here.

It would have to have like a really scenic view, for arena or CS it could be a pile of dead bodys, and the kill feed spammed with a mass nade kill.

Sounds very possible,some one get on it.

postmarked from Hawaii ;D

Seriously Izzy, you should pick up Jyrome’s and mine idea, it would be easy if you can simply get 10 people to co operate on indiaarena