Cobblestone needed!

I’m making a public build near spawn, and it requires a lot of cobble. I’ve already gone through my entire chest of it, and I need some donations. At spawn, there is a chest for donations that is marked by signs. You will see it, don’t worry.

If anyone could give up some cobble, I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Here’s a small look at what I’m working on…

Thanks for any donations!

haha minecraft server looks like a lot fun, i bet u guys have built an entire city there, also nice double-F candle holders

If you accept to release my horse (that is in captivity since 1 month into your fortress…) i may donate you some stacks ! (In another words : i’ll pay the ransom!!! )

muhahaha! Finally, the great Silnius has given in. As before, the ransom is still set at 1,000 stacks of cobble ;D

Also, a shout-out to Pun who gave me as much cobble as I could carry! You da man!

Ferrari is evil. If I ever decide to get Minecraft I’ll join the Sillyness alliance to defeat the terrible vroom vroomites.

Don’t join the Silnius empire! Join the Ferrari rebellion.

haha, just saw that!

Special thanks to Pun, again, for helping me with the arena. Also, Sil did help me out a bit :slight_smile: Thanks bud

I’d play more often but I haven’t seen Pun recently

I dont think youre serious.

*WARNING *WARNING THE server has seen a significant drop in participation. I have been around the entire time from Dyna, if that counts. lol…

Seriously though, where has everybody gone? we have enough people who still play on the server, just not in the last month or so.
Ferarri don’t respond, You are the only one I have really seen…

Well geez Pun. I’m only on 23/7. Haha, jk :wink:

But seriously guys!!! More participation

Ferrari got a nice machine yesterday ! :stuck_out_tongue:
And well i have a lot of study for exams but i’m still around when i can, just beep me on irc if you play and if i’m able to join i will :smiley:

  • I’ll try to bring again some friends on the server !

I joined. Played for a couple hours. No one came on. Got bored. Left. :-
If I knew a specific time that people played I would play, but MC gets boring quick in single player, but then what game doesn’t lol.

3-10pm PST

btw didn’t sil make a cobble stone generator?