Classic pepe(fin) again.

Hope some senior admins do actually see that pepe always uses corrupt means in the game.
Just cause he’s an admin, doesn’t mean he can’t do problems. Many Players bitch about him.
He uses his power when it isnt even justified.
I don’t think he deserves to be an admin.
Hope some senior and respectful players see this and reply. I dont want losers like pepe to be running the game.

Pepe (fin) is not an administrator. It is a server guard. If you want to report it for any infraction, send envy and / or witnesses that were present at the time of that infraction.


Thank you for reporting Pepe(fin). We will be conducting investigation regarding your report and get back to this post as soon as possible.



cough india

Click for details

Once again you were muted for harrasing another player. If I had my way you would be perminantly muted. Ive lost track of the mutes and temp bans. To me, your word is trash and I regret giving you the benefit of the doubt. I dont understand why you cant just play the game. If you showed an inkling of respect for other players that opinion might change. Although I dont agree with pepes delivery of the mute I certainly believe it was warrented. You have been testing the patience of the staff for too long. Simply put, stop causing problems and maybe you wont end up the “victim”. Pepe will be dealt with but dont pretend like you didnt instigate this, again.

I do not think that Pepe is one of those who abuse the rules, for me, Indian Cook (ss13) is the one who abuses the rules, sometimes if I have seen it, and also votekick with reasons that I do not think are tolerable Such as “racism” and so on.

I’ve read the logs Zim, I’m less than impressed with his language and threats.

India cook is very strange character indeed. He always I repeat ALWAYS is picking on someone with racist slurs and insults.
There has not been a moment where he would play normal. Since his last ban he said he changed, but he has not.
Can’t be angry at him though. Must have some form of austism or something.

God this is annoying.

What does this mean ? is good or bad…
I could read those from August 1 to August 2, which occurred before and after midnight or so in which there are threats of SS13 towards me :v

I saw them.