Classic Maps Server Idea

Oh hey, looks like I’m back for another idea I want to discuss. Monsta sparked something with his thread about old players coming back, so I thought I would add in something, too.

Recently, a server called Good Old Maps opened up for about a week and offered some really great and nostalgic old maps like Anticbridge, Bridge Wars, hallway classicgen, harbor2, etcetera.

I think it would be nice to have an server like that. The server went down unfortunately, and that was a buzzkill for me because I really enjoyed playing on maps like those, and wished they would add more old maps like swagzilla to the rotation. Great things don’t always last, unfortunately. :confused: classic maps would be a really nice addition to the server list because it might attract players looking for nostalgia, like assault did (that event I ran had a positive turnout and many people liked the nostalgia of it) and the pinpoint FSOM (was one of the most full FSOMs in a long time).

It is just a thought and I am not sure how much it would be appreciated; most servers are left empty – but it would be nice to have an FSOM there sometime and see how players will enjoy it.

Thanks for the read!

I love that idea ^-^

Ahhh, I almost wanted to cry when you mentioned anticsbridge… It’s my favorite aos map ever <3
But yeah, we totally need to do that though!!

I was thinking something along the lines of a server where votemap (script could possibly be fixed, it is currently random choice of maps) could be used on a ctf server. Could be a great server to play with friends as a sort of pickup game where the map could be voted on.

I like the idea, even though I don’t dig maps like classicgen.