Classes server

First off, I LOVE IT!
Second off, you may as well call it Assassin wars.

Nobody uses any other class? Why? Because permanent invisibility is awesome! And not being able to shoot is no big, just sprint to your opponent.

Here is my idea to fix this:
Either make invisibility timed, so you can only be invisible for maybe a minute at a time. With a 10 second recharge.
Or make it so you are only invisible while you are pressing the V key, therefore making it impossible to sprint to your target.

I would personally prefer the first idea.

What’s Classes :stuck_out_tongue:

I was JUST about to make that topic. Well said. Also, no building/destroying in assassin too? :smiley:

But I like going herobrine and trapping people in blocks :frowning:

I was trolling a blue sniper by placing blocks right in front of him to mess up his aim. I was on green obviously.

@TheLionMaster: It’s a new aloha server.

Sniper really should be renamed Assassin2.

invisibility is already timed, much less than a minute. it also gradually recharges when you stop using it.

i suppose to deal with invisible sprinters anyone who sprints should be uncloaked…

When I first played, there was a timer that charged in 1.5 second increments… then I went back to the medic class then back to assassin and the time was gone + I could spade people and stay invisible.

Yeah, That was weird it did that to me too.

Yeah, I got a glitch where I was invisible and the timer stayed at 20, I had to leave/rejoin to get rid of it.

I found a few glitches with the server. Izzy said that there is a timer on how long you can be invisible but when I’m invisible I can stay like that as long as I want. Also, it says on soldier that you can switch guns without dying but I died when I switched guns on soldier. Please fix this.

Not working then. It’s a new script, must be a glitch.

Everyone is an assassin -.-

Well, you don’t really need more than 2-3 medics, and you never see snipers since they’re always camping in the trees.
You’re most likely to be killed by assassins, since that’s the point of their job.

Basically, you only ever see assassins, which is why you think that.

Just to let you guys know, there’s been a lot of assassins griefing in invisible mode so you can’t see who they are. This could be a problem.

The ratio of Assassins to Soldiers is 3:1.