Clan Names?

Since I own a clan, what should I name it? I don’t want to keep it FaZe anymore.
I’m taking requests.
I thought of UPK’s (thought of it by thinking of
It means United player killers or ultimate player killers. I’m not sure what one but for now it’s United Player Killers.
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Maybe you should merge with BBB

If your going to be retarded, don’t post.

Here’s the link to the clan.

also you’re*


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Edit: Eddy I really love that clan name. <3

Nice name AWG. Techno what do you not get about taking requests?
Why is everyone in every place I go rude to me?

I honestly don’t get why you need them for literally, everything. Just ask any friends irl or, Pm.

It’s called ‘involvement in the community.’ Unless you’re paying tax per thread or overly sensitive to loud text, I doubt this can be justifiably labeled as annoying.

Caleb. It’s the same thing as adding you to 50 different skype chats with the same people. xD

You don’t get notifications for each aloha thread, and not definitely not each reply unless you follow it. Not following a thread, which is the default, is the same as leaving the Skype chats. :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m sure eddy is jealous X3

My clan is [-IS-] used to be [-AS-]
IS = Iron Sentinels (NOT ISLAMIC STATE!!!)
AS= Armored Saints


#rekt 8)

LOL JK, maybe try out the R.E.K.T one.
by Trusted (player)

His clan is rip already. And your post was almost a necro.

Why say “NOT ISLAMIC STATE!!!” They don’t do anything wrong. Anyway this thread is dead

There’s a reason why they claim to be a “terrorist” organization.

It isn’t, because you as well as two other people just replied to it.

My clan isnt dead dude… its just that most members r on vacation/test…
So we r kinda recruiting so we will have more active members…