Clan - Join SAW

Aloha, player killers!

For those of you that don’t know me, my first name is Rydel, and I go by the in-game name (IGN) of [SAW]Kibblez.

My cousin, and good friend, is {SAW^MLG}Tyler.

He and I have created a clan by the name of SAW, which stands for Strategists at War. Tyler has been playing much longer than I have (probably 1 - 3 months now at least), I only started playing this maybe a week or two ago. Being a big fan of shooters and seeing how Tyler has had so much fun on it this whole time, I took the time to try it out and I’ve caught on fairly quickly.

My Kill-Death Ratio (KDR) is nothing special, only about 1.75 on average (Ranging from 1.3 - 3.0); Tyler’s average KDR being around 3.5 (Ranges from 2.5 - 4.0, depending on the map selection).

Tyler is a very regular player for Last Team Standing and is well reknown and regarded as being one of the very best on Last Team Standing, he’s frequently accused as being a hacker by new people (one of the best compliments any good player can receive).

So! Anyway. If you want to join our clan, just submit an application to this topic; or message us in game, we frequently talk to people there.

What we’re looking for:

  • Regular members of

[li]or those who will become regular members; Not saying you can’t go anywhere else (I don’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t) we just want people who will stick around and be

  • Quality members.

[li]We want people that are going to put an effort towards getting to know others on the server (Last team standing) and not be complete a-holes to the other players.

  • Decent players or better

[li]Not gonna lie. We want people that can put out results. You don’t have to be number one practically every single match (like Tyler) or produce mind blowing headshots/scores, we just want a decent KDR and we want people that average in the 8 players of each game. We can make exceptions if you are a quality enough person. We’re not all about being “super 1337 and pr0.”

That’s pretty much it.

So if you want the Strategists At War clan-tag in front of your name, apply and see what becomes of it: Just put your KDR, your in-game name, throw in an accuracy maybe and we’ll watch/play-with you in game (We don’t like “firing” people from something they put their heart into… So we just want to filter out people prior to them joining, less heartache.)

Clan Leaders:

  • Tyler
  • Kibblez

Clan Members:

  • Dr.PatMyButt
  • Conq30

If you get to wear our tag, we want the tag between BRACKETS “[SAW]” or CURLY BRACKETS “{SAW}”

Good day, and happy head hunting! :slight_smile:

Conq30 Here, and I would love to join, I have about 1.50+ KDR On a good day, around 30% accuracy I Believe. :slight_smile:

I know you, Tyler knows you. You’re cool.
Go ahead and throw the SAW tag on your name :slight_smile:

If you don’t know how to do it, just go to the location you installed Ace of Spades, open up the config file, and change your name there lol.

Take care, and welcome to SAW :slight_smile:

Hey, don’t wanna ruin anything, I wish you all the best with your clan, but is there a reason why you post this on I mean, there’s a specific clan section on the ace-spades website here:

We like Aloha members as we mainly hang out with them; but I’ll post it there too lol.

Ah ok… was only wondering :slight_smile:
it’s no prob. good luck

Best of luck.
A forewarning however: don’t advertise clans in-game. That’s one of the rules of aloha…don’t pull a Whitebo.
However, if someone preemptively asks to join your clan, you’re free to provide information as you see fit.

Random thought: is preemptively supposed to be hyphenated? That double-e looks weird.

You misspelled my IGN T_T it’s {SAW~MLG}Tyler. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the warning/information Reki. :slight_smile:

I have broken that rules so many times I should be banned.

Though I probably already should be on the GBL and I am not so cool.

I kicked that kid so many times for doing that. After a week I scouted “Can you change your name?” and or “Wanna join my clan?” on the irc 0.e

Thanks for all the input guys, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I think I’m going to put SAW on hold for awhile until I build a better reputation around the servers and forums (Both ace-spades and
I also just became pretty busy with my schedule; I am going through a transitional phase with the job I’ve chosen to do with the Air Force so I’m preparing for bootcamp and indoctrination. If you were curious as to what job it was before, it was a programmer (AFSC: 3D0X4); and now it’s Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE, AFSC: 1T0X1). I made the change so I can train spec ops guys like PJs, CCTs, EOD Techs, SOWT, and other spec ops jobs in the Air Force, so I can become a Combat Controller (CCT; AFSC: 1C2X1) sooner than later, it’s also so I can get college done much faster; SERE tech school gives like 50 college units towards your Associates Degree; then I can just use the associates degree to start getting my Comp. Science degree in like 2 years; finalizing most of school to be about 3 - 4 years long so I can become a Special Tactics Officer (The officer job for CCT).

Turning dreams into goals takes work.
So! I will still try being on in the evenings; take care everyone! :smiley:

As of right now, SAW is suspended unless Tyler wants to take over completely.

sounds like you got it all planned out. good luck on the road ahead to your dreams!

Thanks izzy, it’s highly appreciated!
I’ll still be hanging around, I just don’t want to manage a clan with all that I have going on, and might possibly have going on. Haha :wink:
Again, thank you :slight_smile:

Lol couldn’t help but tell em could you Kibz, getting all excited ;).


I could help it xD





I’m going to bed xD