Chronic Greifing on Pinpoint server

There is a chronic problem with greifers on this server, you put down 10 blocks for cover, and some ass-hat comes and wrecks it.

You kick him, and then another comes along, it’s so incredibly frustrating. PLEASE adjust the votekick settings to make it easier to kick these assholes!

if it’s too easy to votekick the griefers kick out innocent players, it’s already been tested

Votekicking in general is pretty problematic as a system.
If you set the range high, people are too apathetic and no kicking occurs.
Such is the case these days.

If you set the range low, it becomes a witch-hunt server and people just /y instantly.
Some poor guy got kicked since he was fixing the wall, but some other guy called him a griefer for it.

What’s annoying is that instead of there being a “sweet spot” where it’s neither high or low, the two ranges seem to overlap.
AKA not enough to get rid of actual griefers but enough for griefers to come together and witch-hunt everyone.

That is a problem on this map, I have applied to be an admin and if I am accepted I will work hard to stop this sort of thing.

I have noticed at times where griefers run rampant and no one notices, and there are those times where people are literally votekicked for breaking 1 block.

There isn’t much you can do, other than have an admin/mod on 24/7, or be a responsible player. (Or both)

Don’t just /y every votekick, but don’t ignore ANY votekicks. Always check, here’s a tip:

Do /gc “playername” on the suspected griefer, if they are indeed suspicious (It will display a bunch of info about what they’ve done in the past 2 minutes) Then do indeed, do /y otherwise, try and defend that person, or just don’t do /y.

/gc is short for /griefcheck

you can check their /gc history beyond 2 minutes by specifying a number of minutes like so: /gc izzy 10

Whoa, never knew this feature…
I’ll be /gcing everyone now :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, a lot of people don’t know about griefcheck, and a little less aimbotters now, but a lot more griefers now, CORRUPTION!

Hmmm, /gc seems to only work on Pinpoint. Is it disabled for other aloha servers?

griefcheck is enabled on all the servers, it seems to work fine for me on all of them. what happens when you try it on the other servers?

“No administrator rights” or something along the lines of that.
I believe that was in Zombies/Humans.

ah, admin rights were still required on the arena server when you tried. that requirement will be removed when the server restarts so anyone can use griefcheck.

I would love to be able to provide justice to the pinpoint server. It is my favourite server because of the hard hitting action but there is a lot of griefers on this server. If I had power I would constantly patrol it to provide grief free game play.

My chain of response:

  1. Identify griefers.
  2. Initiate votekicks on griefers.
  3. Votekick fail. Resort to executing them myself.
  4. Screw it, nobody cares and it’s not like I need the buildings.
  5. Ragequit.

whenever i’m on 1CTF pinpoint i do my best to find all the griefers and disable-building but i can’t guarantee i’ll be there 24/7

unlike the map which is guaranteed to be there 24/7

my response:

check if person is griefing multiple times.
votekick them
if fails teamkill them everytime they try to grief.
then get on irc and call and admin :smiley:

but you should just tell and admin using the /admin command. it sends an alert or something to them. or just go on the irc