Christmas Celebration!

Just moments ago, the cgen server hosted a peaceful cease fire between Blue and Green in honor of Christmas. In the spirit of unity, both teams came together and created an amazing Christmas scenario/model in the center of the map. With help from both sides, a successful Christmas celebratory model was created. Because it was so outrageously gigantic, it took a few hours.

There are a few more pictures in the attachments of this topic.

It was fun to make, although there were griefers like The Grinch(forgot his IGN) and others, we were still able to finish it. Merry Christmas Everyone!

looks like fun was had. Merry Christmas!

WHOAAHHH THAT IS SO COOL imma try to create one at aloha pinpoint!!


ClapClapClapReal nice work there.

Amazing, a skinny Santa Army Man

Wow, the hallway had one too :smiley: A cease-fire that is :wink:

If we mandate ceasefires, they become less awesome.

I’ve just newly joined and I’m glad that some of my work is in there! ;D