Chivalry server

hear ye! hear ye! recruiting all Chivalry players!

we have a 32 slot vanilla team objective server running at our US west location. search for “aloha” in the server browser to find it.

Chivalry is an intense, face-to-face medieval melee FPS - by far my favorite of its kind. it’s a fun game and there’s nothing else like it, so come play and let’s chop off some heads!



It looks pretty good,I might have to try it out soon but how is it FPS??I cliked on the site and all I saw was Medival game Chivalry.

they coin it, “first person slasher” ;D

you can shoot with some stuff though: bows & arrows, catapults, throwing spears, throwing knives, throwing axes, and fire bombs. but it’s mostly close combat with swords, shields, axes, spears and the like.

it’s by the same team who made the Age of Chivalry HL2 mod.

I think this video is precisely what I would do in this game:


I see what they did there.Abit tricky.Also so its like the olden times ish with abit of modern time weapons.

Count me in on that! I’ll sign up for the game later though. :stuck_out_tongue:

That looks awesome! I’m huge medieval lover.

Unfortunately the only computer I have access to is my toaster :confused:

Same here i need to upgrade my hardware before i can do any of that. Game looks like something i’ve been looking for, for a loooong time though. When i get my new laptop i’ll try it out.

I C WAT TEHY DID THAR. Clever sons of “witches”.

Wulda rather had one for Battlefield P4F,
but cool!

Battlefield Play4Free doesn’t allow you to host your own servers… they must be rented from an “authorized” provider

Is it better than Mount & Blade? I’m thinking of buying one of them.

yes much better/more complex than Mount & Blade

get Chivalry

plus it’s on sale right now for $16.74 until November 27

Looks like a funny game, maybe a bit expensive.

lol cool, but have to save up . Its saving up for AoS 1.0 or This game

I want need this!

I just bought the game recently, i’ll play on aloha server :smiley:

If you want the game, there is a link : Green Man Gaming
And you can get -25% with this code GMG25-CFGY3-4THJI
(The game is linked to steam)

Why does this server refuse too appear?

If I recall correctly, it was taken down due to lack of players. Not sure if it’ll go back up.