Check out the new babel rotation!

Thank you to elpatagonias for the thumbnail picture! Apology accepted, Ding.

Our team of @map-connoisseurs have put together a new babel rotation!

The maps are:
"cheesus", "buildassault", "swag2", "widewaybabel", "waterfrontv2babel", "yubacore", "platpoint", "skullfort", "pinpoint2", "yukon", "alpine_desaturated", "harbor2", "1river2night", "vippers_nes", "maple", "trenches", "trademorph", "holes", "classicgen_babel", "tradeoffv2", "anticbridgebabelv2", "pinpoint2", "abridgetoodark", "mesa", "grassytopoland"

This rotation is now active on babel, so go check it out! Have fun!

Collaborated by,
:newspaper: News Team
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Hello! Why are the servers down? I don’t see them in the list of servers on the openpades client.

We are doing some infrastructure maintenance, they will be back up soon.

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Thank you very much for your work!