I created this thread to write to players who do think they is a cheater.
For me the player IlikeTrains is a cheater because he can kill you even when you’re behind the wall and can not know that you’re there; it’s impossible to do, so i think and i am sure if he use wallhack. Today has been banned to votekick but after less than 5 minutes has been unbanned by the admin. What do you say guys? You think it’s normal? :-\

He was unbanned by the admin, because he obviously doesn’t hack. When you votekick someone they are only banned for 30 minutes

He cheat and i am sure. Why when he have cheat forever win but when he don’t have hack forever lose? Ah and it’s cheat, don’t write hack :wink:

His stats were nowhere near hack like when he was votekicked, and he was spectated (more than once) after the unban by experienced admins.

The wallhack you think you saw was most likely lag, two players from Europe playing in an american server can cause this.

If someone thinks a player is cheating and sends a report, whoever that player may be, we will welcome the report and deal with it in any way we can. But we can’t ban legit players just because someone is butthurt. (I recomend playing more)

I also recomend you to read the stickied topic of this section, One of them indicates you should record someone or take a printscreen, showing the other players wrongdoings, if you want them punished.