Cheater for a cheater, hacker for a hacker

[Content had been deleted for post has no use, or does make any sense.]

Cheating is not allowed, no matter what the intention is. If staff finds you cheating you will be banned. Anyone distributing cheats(including pms) on our forum, game servers or through our Discord will be banned.

the only right action to take is to report the cheater via ingame through /admin or in discord.
not always r admins online though, they have lifes outside the game aswell.
in this case its better to record the cheater and post the evidence in the report abuse section here in the forum.

the best client i recommend for this is this:

it features wallhack that can only be accessed in spectator mode so u cant abuse it.

If u want to take matters into own hands u should apply for staff position.

Also pls dont let it get to u. its just a game anyways. there is not much we can do anyways. its how it is.

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Yes, I understand.