I didn’t know where to write this so here it is.

I heard what topo and color have done, they have wrongly accused a mod for hacking and now he is perma banned and his mod status stripped.
They hid in the depths and just watched him, watched him for ages and just couldn’t take his skill for just being good.

I know a couple of admins rejected this complaint, and I thank you for understanding that he is just very good at this game.

Do you know how well he has done his job? I am subscribed to his YouTube channel and the amount of videos he has uploaded of people hacking is not something to toss in the trash.

Now topo and color, I want you to think about this. Would a Mod who has been a Guard for quite some time really hack? I mean seriously a person like that just wouldn’t, it would be a stupid thing to do and I know Chappy is anything but stupid.

You two should really grow up, maybe even combine heads so you will have that one lonely brain cell that knows he wouldn’t do it.

And don’t be ‘macho’ and just delete this topic, I want answers from you guys and opinions from everyone else who reads these forums. If it does get deleted there will be more and trust me even if you go to the lengths of banning my account/ip I will be back, every time.

Good Day.

I don’t know how you found out about this, and I don’t care but the aloha staff made a decision. We voted, like a democracy, and that was based off of the evidence we were supplied.

So, get off your high horse and pipe down.

I have seen the evidence and I have no idea what you guys were looking at, did you guys really have to go all the way to even perma banning him?

No comment.

Of course ‘No comment.’

Did topo and color just bring it up all of a sudden and the rest of you thought, “Hey, they are fellow Admins let’s go with what they say!”?

If other Admins denied it, He should of got benefit of the doubt and not such a harsh treatment. After all the service he has given you just throw him out and lock the gate.

topo and Color had as much to do with the striping of power and banning of Chappy as I and every other admin did. Don’t dare place the “blame” on them solely. That being said, the consensus was that he was 100% hacking. There was talk by some admins that they may not be 100% and have doubts but in the thread where we discussed this not one person said anything about doubting the hacks or not.

As for your crude nature, it won’t get you far. Being rude to people, especially people you don’t know, is one of the worst things one can do.

Also, it’s not amount of videos, it’s number. When trying to intimidate someone over the internet proper grammar is a great place to start.

And then you assume we have this set at case closed. No, we’re far from it. Talk behind the scenes is still being done. It’s a bit 3-hours-too-early for me to be awake so I might be a bit rough around the edges right now, so sorry for that.

can’t we just wait for Chappy to appeal?
also I agree with froe

HOALY FUCK this blew up a lot quicker than I would’ve imagined…

I was banned almost 3 weeks ago.

Well Chappy is a friend of mine. I’m not going to let this just brush past me.

kangoroo, how will you know, that he wasnt hacking? and where did you see the evidence? :-X

I don’t want to post links, But I have got it and watched it.

Just so we’re clear: This is not your choice or anything you have any power/influence to change.

So it will have to brush past you, whether you like it or not.

I know you won’t give him his power back but the least you can do is unban the guy.
For the work he put in you guys are just saying “Nope, Fuck you.”

Look, it seems like that, but there’s still a huge debate going on which I am only partially attached to atm.
The race isn’t over, just because the horse you bet on is at the back of the pack doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance at winning.

I want to make it clear that even now we’re still discussing this in staff forums/channels. Don’t think we closed the case so to say, and do not think this will affect our final decision on the matter.

There have been six forum pages of discussion about it in the staff section, including a vote, possibly more evidence than you have seen, and some very thorough kill-by-kill analysis and testing (we came up with a 0.17% or smaller chance that he wasn’t using nospread over a 14-kill window).