The next challenge will be located in Arenacs, and only arenacs. The objective is to survive all 10 rounds with only dying once! You can not die more than 1 time or it’s over. Good luck.

Rules: No cheating. Must record ALL of it. Camping is definitely allowed. Must play all 10 rounds. (Cannot join when it is round 7 or 5 etc.) Must do /ratio at the end of your recording. Every gun allowed.

No switching teams.

Rule change to you can take a screenie of the start and end of the game while doing /ratio and holding tab.

Easy enough.

I’d like to see you try! :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Too lazy to record. My ping lowered my morale anyways. :’(

That would be pretty manageable if it weren’t for the lag that always happens when you record.

I could do a screenie of a beginning and end i suppose, Recording without 1 frame per week only works on my laptop, which has some serious brightness issues in AoS.

I will allow only if you take the screenie when you are holding tab as well. Want to see the players and kills.

I cant record anything at all. My computer is horrible. Easy enough. I have done it once or twice.

I dont believe you…

And I changed it so you can take a screenshot of you doing /ratio and holding tab at the start and end of a game.