Call of Spades

Ok so I got bored, and I recorded myself for 10 minutes on bandicam. Then I decided to hack open an NDS rom and get the sound files. Well, I got em. Pretty good sounds I found to go with the video! Anyways, here is episode one…more of a preview. I’ll eventually have staged shits…eventually…

thats really nice, gratz

Thank you! If only AoS had SFX like my video…I got the 300 sounds available if anyone wants them. I’m also doing some editing on the sounds to make more radio sound effects.

This is really cool!

Ty. More will be on the way now thet every sound is in the library >:)

Hey Monsta nice video there. I was thinking if maybe we could make a similar video like this but with different peoples participation in it. Like we could get a couple of people (or even just you and me) to get on a server and re-enact these war sequences. Based on the sounds you currently have we could make cool scenarios. I’ve got a few ideas myself so tell me what you think.

I’ll bring the beer if you bring the pizza.

I Like call of spades 1
but plz dont make call of spades ghost :smiley: