Call of Duty WWII

Call of Duty WWII is the newest game of the Call of Duty Franchise,it is in the Second World War involving the Americans,Germans,Soviets,The United Kingdom and other countries.

A lot of people in the comments said that it might be only the Americans against the Germans and some of them are complaining that there are no other countries involved in the trailer but it IS the trailer.There might be a seperate trailer of other countries like Japan and Poland.It is also not finished yet so the other countries might be revealed in other trailers or in the final release.


The Soviet campaign in this and the Battlefield 1 Russian Empire DLC.

Totally getting the game, even if this is just US vs. Nazi Germany.

It’s just US vs Nazi Germany, I believe. They confirmed it during the reveal livestream.

and we CLEARLY don’t have enough World war video games already…

At least we have Day of Infamy and Project Reality WW2.